Friday, January 27, 2012

Vanilla Cupcakes

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Quite often we tend to pick cupcakes for our kids from a supermarket or bakery shelf. Are you sure you are feeding your kids trusted ingredients? Why buy cupcakes when it is extremely easy to make it at home. For your kid's school picnic or parties or when their friends come over to your house to play, make these little cups for them and win their hearts as a super mom :)

Dry Ingredients :

Plain Flour


Baking powder

2 teaspoons
Baking soda

1 teaspoon

Wet Ingredients :


4 nos.
Unsalted butter

Vanilla essence

4 teaspoons
Fresh Milk

4 tablespoons

Preparation Method :

Mix all the dry ingredients well.

Next, combine the wet ingredients -
In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs until they fluff up.

Bring butter down to room temperature. and whisk in the egg.

Add the vanilla essence.

Pour in the milk.

Slowly whisk in the dry ingredient mix to form a creamy batter.

Place paper cups into a cupcake tray.
Scoop out the batter and fill into each cups. Fill half way through. Do not exceed. An ice-cream scooper is good to do this job.

In a 200 degree oven bake the cakes for 15-20 minutes.

Insert a tooth pick to check if the cakes are ready. If cakes are done, the toothpick shall come out clean.

Move them out onto a rack and allow to cool completely.

You can refrigerate the cake and mildly heat them in a microwave to get fresh cup cakes everyday.  If refrigerated properly, you can store them for a week or more. When I say properly, I mean, in clean dry containers, when completely cooled.

What are you waiting for? Try it.. Involve your kids too in the making, they'll really have lots of fun :)

This recipe makes approximately 26-28 cupcakes.

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