Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tea / Coffee and Breakfast Station

Freshly brewed coffee or tea, quick handy breakfast, snacks, treats, in the serenity of your own home, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for both you and near and dears is indeed the best space you will love in your house. Trust me on that.. 😊 I have been loving mine! 😊

How do you go about setting up one at home? Here are few Ideas and Tips you might want to consider as a guideline.

1.      Choose a suitable Space and Theme : 

Choose a space that's convenient and functional. Make sure you have easy access to water with a water dispenser or a sink nearby. Go by a colour theme of your choice. Do a little research for inspirations and ideas from magazines or Pinterest. Stroll through your favourite stores and do a little planning before you eventually make any major investments. Outline a design and make a list of things you may already have in hand and another list of things you might consider buying. Also make sure you find place for your waste that's well kept.

 2.      Start with a Sturdy Base : 

Choose a sturdy and strong Base. You could either have a mini kitchen cabinet with an overhead as well, set exclusively for your counter or any sturdy table would serve your purpose well.

 3.      Containers and Jars : 

Containers and Jars would serve as storage, as well as enhance the overall look of your bar. So make sure you go by a uniform colour / material theme.

4.      Organizers : 

Organizing is the key to having a functional and easy to access breakfast bar. Make sure it's simple and neat and everything contained is visible. Group like items together and store in an appealing manner. Use storage bins and baskets to store and neatly organize miscellaneous snack packets and items together. You could even label the baskets if required.    

5.      Mugs and Canisters : 
Mugs / cups / jars / travel mugs / cereal bowls / spoons etc are the must haves of your breakfast bar. Make sure you choose it aesthetically. 

6.      Tea and Coffee : 
Stock your favourite tea / coffee collections. Stock your regular brands and buy occasionally used brands only when a batch finishes. Be aware of what you stock up. You don't want to clutter your space with things you end up never using. You could also add Cocoa powder, Cinnamon / Cardamom powder, honey or sweeteners of your choice etc. to your collection. 

7.      Fruits / Cereals / Nuts / Seeds : 
What completes the Breakfast bar, is having a one stop access to everything you might require for a quick breakfast / snacking  or refreshment. That includes fruits, your family's favourite cereals, Nuts and Dried fruits, snack bars, oats, healthy seeds, spices, etc. It's all up to you to personalize the choices according to the eating habits of your family and you.

 8.      Appliances : 

You know best of what you require. Keep it minimal though. If you are a coffee lover, a basic drip maker or a pump espresso machine would be something you would fancy. Or, you could keep it simple with either a coffee machine or a simple kettle would do great too.

9.      Utility Decor : 
Adding a few mood awakening fresh or artificial flowers, mugs with cute / fulfilled quotes, a frame with inspiring quotes, Or even a chalk board painted wall etc. could enhance your space with an alluring and heart-warming feel. Make it the inspiring, and relaxing space in your home, which will instantly boost you with zest and energy. A recharging spot.. :)  

Take a chance to express your taste & style. Put a little thought into it, making it one of the most beautiful spots in your home, where both your health and mental tranquility is taken good care of..  

Happy tea / coffee drinking to all tea and coffee lovers.. 😊