Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jeera Rice

 My version

I have no idea if this is how jeera rice is prepared. Well, if not, then here's my version of Jeera rice ;)

Ingredients :

Basmati rice

2 cup
Boiling water

4 cups
Coconut oil

1 tablespoon
Cumin seeds

1 tablespoon
Shallots, finely sliced

7-8 nos.
Cardamom pods

6 nos.

8-10 nos.
Cinnamon sticks, 1 inch pieces

3-4 pieces
Kasoori methi

1 tablespoon
Asafoetida powder

1-2 pinches

To taste.

Preparation Method :

Wash and drain rice.
Heat coconut oil and throw in the cumin seeds and whole spices.

Add the shallots and kasoori methi and sauté until shallots begin to brown. Add the asafoetida powder.

Add the drained rice, add salt and fry for a minute or two on medium-high flame.

Pour in the boiling water and gently mix the rice in the water. Use boiling water straight from the kettle. Soon as you add the water the rice should bubble in the pot of hot water.
Allow to boil on medium-high heat.

Once the rice starts absorbing water and the rice plumps up and water level drops down, reduce the heat and cover the pot with a lid and allow the rice to simmer and cook slowly in the rest of the water.
Once the rice is 90% cooked, put the lid back on and after a minute turn of the flame and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes.
Open the pot and fluff up the rice to avoid it from sticking together.

Serves four

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