Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pineapple Pudding

Simple pineapple and cream pudding
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As I just sat down to write this recipe, I have a stream of nostalgia gushing down. There are some people who come by in your life as total strangers, but turn out to be an inevitable part of your life. So did I meet this little one year old charm and her young and cheerful mom more than 2 decades ago.. :) Today they are one of the closest to my heart! Shajeena and her daughter Shadin. Shadin has always had a place of a sibling in my house and seen her grow from the little one year old toddler to a doctor now.. :) Her name deserves a mention on this blog, 'coz she was the first to whom I revealed my idea of starting a blog to. No doubt, she was the right person! The step-by-step pictorials, was her suggestion. She had great faith in me and was and is always there to give me the right boost and push I need! :) Love you Sha! :)

Shajeena, her mom, is a dentist by profession, a homemaker, a mom of two! Oops! four! ;) her darling cats included! :) and a woman whom I have never seen sit idle! Utterly enthusiastic and always on her toes.. She's either at work, or cooking, or shopping, or cleaning and trust me, the list would never end! Yes, a superwoman in the literal sense! A humble human being I truly adore. We could go on and on talking to one another for hours without the scarcity of topics and we ought to catch up atleast over the phone once in a while to share all of each other's life's happenings :) That's something very contrary to the me most people know of, who is impatient and restless when it comes to talking over the phone! Well, that might explain the comfort I find in her company.

Not even she would have realized the influence she has been and a part she has played in molding me into the person I am today. Someone who has encouraged the creative side in me with lots of motivation and I have indeed picked a few things down the lane from her. This Pineapple pudding being one!! :) Yes, I learnt this from her. With a couple of innovations here and there, the basic recipe sticks to its origin. This dessert was known for being a show-stopper at her place for get-togethers! Fancy, but extremely simple dessert with no cooking required!! Yes! NO COOKING required! :)   

Ingredients :

Plain Vanilla cake

2 medium loafs sliced

Canned Pineapple with the syrup

Large can


1 cup

For the whipped cream :

(Method of preparation and ingredients required could vary with brand, so please follow  instructions on sachet or pack)

Whipping cream mix

2 sachets

Milk (full cream)

As mentioned on pack

Vanilla essence

As mentioned on pack

Almond flakes (if available)

A large handful


1/3 cup

Preparation Method :

Give the pineapples a quick chop into chewable chunks.

Add the syrup from the can and pour in the water.

Whip up the cream.

You could make this pudding in a single layer like how the original recipe is, or make it in 2 layers like how I do sometimes. This two layer one is more rich! Try it! In a shallow bottom dish lay the cake slices. We need plain vanilla sponge cake. You could also use a homemade one. In that case, that would be the only cooking required.

Then  crumb some cake slices to fill in the gaps.     

Spoon out half of the pineapple mixture onto the cake.  Make sure the cake drinks the juice well and it moistens the cake throughout. Then garnish with some almond flakes. That's one of my innovations and it's good to add a crunch to the pudding.

Then scoop out half the whipped cream and spread evenly.

Layer the rest of the cakes again above the cream and repeat the steps again.
ü Crumb the cake and fill.
ü Spoon out the rest of the pineapple mixture.
ü garnish with almond flakes.
ü Scoop out the remaining cream and spread evenly.

Crush the pistachios.

Sprinkle over the cream.

Wrap with a plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours minimum. The more you cool, the better! 

A fancy pudding in minutes. 

Happy weekend folks! :)

Make the Perfect Bed at Your Home

Making your bed every time you wake up, is correlated with positivity and  productivity! There’s absolutely  nothing more satisfying than snuggling into a neat and cozy bed each and every night, and it’s truly the best way to finish a day.

A comfortable and beautifully made bed always starts with good quality basics :

1. Mattress

2. Mattress protector

3. Fitted sheet

4. Flat sheet

5. Comforter

6. Duvet cover

7. Pillows

8. Pillow covers

9. Accessories (If preferred only!)

The foundation to a comfortable and beautiful bed is the Base and the Mattress. Therefore, choosing the right type of mattress that suites each body type, the quality, and then the care and maintenance are very important.

While shopping for your bed linen, look for high quality 100% cotton fabric. The thread counts do not really have much to do with being the best, especially when it is for domestic use. As long as it's pure cotton, it will be soft and cool for your skin, and even better, cotton gets smoother over time.

Well, investing in quantity compromising on quality is unwise. At the most, all you will really require are two sets for each bed in your house, one that goes for washing and the other ready to be laid. It also saves storage space. Well, if you have little ones or pets at home, and the bed is used for purposes other than for sleep, then of course, you might want to stock up some more sheets. Well, it's all personal choice.

The right style is a matter of Personal choice, Comfort and Functionality. So have fun in choosing your own personalized style.  :) Have a great day! :)