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Royal Falooda

Refreshing Summer Drink
My at-home version

Summertime!! The weather is all heated up and you need to cool your body down! Hydration is the key of course! But, my favourite part of summer is having an excuse to indulge a little too much on ice-creams and anything chill, without the fear of falling sick! ;) Here's a perfect recipe you might want to try on a beautiful summer weekend! Refreshing and Enticing! Have a great weekend folks!! :)

It's tough to give an accurate measure! But, I'll try my best! :)

Ingredients :

Basil seeds

1 teaspoon per serving

1 tablespoon per serving

1 sachet
Pistachios (crushed)

1 tablespoon per serving
Strawberry syrup

As required
Fresh or canned fruits

As required
Rose essence

2-3 drops per serving
Cold Fresh Milk

1/2 cup per serving

(depending on the glass size)

(any 2 flavours. Preferably
Kulfi, Vanilla, Pineapple or strawberry)

1 scoop each per serving

Preparation Method :

Basil seeds are usually available in all Asian-stores. It's basically the seeds of Basil and is believed to have many health benefits. I cannot acclaim any of the benefits since its all just heard from here and there. I've heard that, when it's added to sweet drinks, it neutralizes the effects of sugars, since it naturally controls the blood sugar level. Nooo idea! :) I have also heard that it helps cool the body. Again, I have no idea how much of that's true!! :) Anyway, let's move on.. :)

Soak them in lukewarm water and leave aside for 10 minutes. I'd like to do this the night before and leave it covered in the refrigerator. Just before using sieve it and rinse it with some cold water and scoop from the top.

Into a pan, add the vermicelli and pour in some boiling water, add a pinch of salt, stir well and cook for 5 minutes on medium heat.

Then sieve it and rinse in cold water. Strain off all the water and allow to cool. Once cooled, transfer into a refrigerator friendly container and refrigerate. I'd like to do this the night before as well. But, if you want it cool quickly, keep in the freezer for an hour or two.

Make your Jelly! choose the strawberry flavour. Instructions on how to make the jelly would be printed on the packet. Usually it's 
1. Empty the powder in the sachet into a bowl.  
2. Add a cup of boiling water to it to dissolve the crystals.

3. Then add a cup of chilled water. 
4. Pour into a flat dish. 
5. Refrigerate.

Crush some pistachio. You could also add some almonds.

Now, it's all about assembling the layers.. Make sure you use a long glass. Into the walls of the glass, swirl some strawberry syrup and pour some into the bottom of the glass.

Next add the crushed nuts.

Next add some fresh or canned fruits of your choice. Usually mangoes, pears, papaya and pineapple. 

Top that with some jelly and then the soaked basil seeds.

Then add the cooked and chilled vermicelli. Pour on a dash of the strawberry syrup again.

Then, flavour some chilled milk with couple of drops of Rose essence. Then pour in the milk to half way through. 

This is a really stomach filling drink, therefore, less is more! I'd recommend never to top it to the brim. It will be difficult to mix and enjoy.

Then, scoop out the two flavours of ice-cream. I like mine with Kulfi / strawberry/ pineapple and vanilla ice-cream.

 Top it with some more of the jelly.

For the finishing touch, garnish with some nuts.

.. and here we go! The most Refreshing and Enticing delight ever! :)

Make sure you serve it with a long spoon. Before drinking, gently stir so that all the flavours blend. Choice is your's. Enjoy! :)

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  1. excellent recipe and very easy to prepare, layers prepared are very tempting and look sumptuous. All the best to the creator


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