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As a child, I used to love watching cookery shows on TV, would hunt for baking books in the school library and used to file cut outs of recipes from magazines. I loved watching my mom cook, especially baking cakes. My mother and I would go around discovering ingredients new to us in supermarkets and my dad used to motivate me to try new recipes. Initially started off with frying omelets. Slowly in the spirit of experimentation, started baking cakes, biscuits and cookies. I wasn't too fond of  blindly following any recipes. Always wanted a twist of my own in anything I made and probably that's what has helped me develop a lot on my culinary skills.

The recipes on this blog are my version (unless otherwise mentioned) and when I say my version, it is influenced by many factors. I'm a believer that cooking is an art. I personally feel that if five different people were asked to make a particular dish following exactly the same recipe, they'd obviously come up with slight variations in taste, sometimes texture or color too. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. It will be an absolute blunder to argue so, 'coz different people have their own unique taste buds and individual styles, influenced by the region they are from, the ingredients available to them in that particular region, the climatic conditions etc. So just don't hesitate to cook and do not give ear to people around who discourage. Develop your own style. You are unique the way you are and even if you make mistakes initially like burning something or over-seasoning something, just get over with it and give it another try. Mistakes are the best teacher. Good luck, and hope my recipes help you in the process :)

Other than photographing and exploring new places, what I really cherish with me after my travels is the knowledge gained from the food cultures and traditions of each country. We make it a point to try traditional cuisines, provided its halal and try to learn as much as I can about the various ingredients used, the flavors, and the cooking styles and carry it all back home with me and incorporate them in my kitchen. My husband and family motivate me a great deal in the process. 

Let me confess.. :) just because I blog or I cook good food, doesn't mean I love to cook.. ;) Frankly, I am not very fond of cooking on a routine basis.. For me, Cooking is all about experimenting and exploring.. I like trying new stuffs and love cooking for guests. 

I've a very organized cooking style and a 'clean kitchen' is a must for me. Even if I were to cook a feast for 20-30 people, you'll find my kitchen very tidy and clean. I am pretty particular about hygiene. I like cooking independently, in my style and do not appreciate help in my kitchen ;) I know it doesn't sound pleasing.. but hey! that's how I am! ;) Spending all my time toiling and wasting my whole day hanging around in the kitchen is the last thing I'd ever do. I ought to finish my work as quickly as I can and have to step out in no time. When I do, my kitchen has to be back to neat and tidy like I haven't cooked in it at all.. 

I try my best to incorporate healthy cooking and try to add as much veggies and herbs as possible into our diet. I am very particular about limiting the use of oils, fats and chilies. Those are traits I have inculcating from my mom.. She always soaks all vegetables and fruits in water with salt, vinegar and turmeric straight after buying them from the market and thoroughly rinses and dries them before refrigerating, cooking or eating them raw. That goes with eggs too. Always soak them in salt water, rinse and dry them before refrigerating. Well, now I follow the same.. 

 Guide to washing Vegetables & Fruits

When it comes to healthy cooking, my mom is indeed my greatest inspiration.. Thank you Umma :)

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