About Me

I am Laiji, born in Kerala, India and brought up in Oman. Have been living in Oman ever since a toddler.. studied in an Indian school / college, with friends from various parts of India.. Grew up midst relatives and a circle of family friends from around the globe.. In short, I was raised amid a mishmash of cultures, traditions and of course, diverse cuisines.. which has all influenced me into who I am today..

I am a free spirited person who lives each day looking forward to being happy and imparting happiness to those around.. 😊 The presence of near and dears is what my soul yearns for and my life is almost devoted to  living to that wish.. My ultimate strength is my firm trust and faith in The Almighty. Patience, progression and optimism are traits I constantly work on inculcating as part of who I exist to be.. I believe in accepting life gradually as destined for me and not chase it, to unwanted dismay.

Never pursued something as a full time or specialized endeavour, maybe because I'm sort of a jack of many traits but master of none! Feel exceptionally blessed to be so and it adds extra flavor to my life.. 😊 I enjoy being the perfectionist homemaker, organizing and neatness freak that I am, cook reasonably well and love to eat, feed and of course, explore new tastes and flavors especially during my travels. I am an associate with my dad's business and business has taken me far and wide to quite a few destinations.. Wandering, exploring and wanting to capture those precious experiences, ultimately gave birth to a photographer in me.. 😊 Art and Interior designing are passions that keep igniting the ardour in me and paves my path of interest. Reading and exploring lights up my quest to learn new things and that's what keeps me going.. 😊 I carry forward that zest into my life and impart a part of it to others. I love teaching and my students are my most valued assets forever.. Nothing pars recording what I have learnt, for those with a similar quest and so I write.. 😊 It's at times my experiences or inferences I enjoy writing about.. or it's sometimes my thoughts on how I perceive life or the world around me. Hopes are, that someday, somewhere, someone, would benefit from what I leave behind and that's one reason I became a blogger too.. 😊

But, apart from that, what inspired me to begin this blog was to record some useful parts of what I've learnt and acquired, for my dear sister whom I was blessed with after 17 years of waiting and prayers. She came into my life when I thought I would never have a sibling of my own. More than a sister, I've been a mother and a teacher to her. I wish she picks from where I've left for her, so that when she's all set to fly, she wouldn't have to hunt down for things from scratch. 😊 Fortunately, she's more talented and blessed than I am.. and she's my greatest critique and motivator already! 😊 Patience does pay you off with the best! 😊 Grateful to the Almighty! 😊 Just like I've had to wait for my precious sister, I'm now awaiting in prayers for a little one of my own as well, and it seems like another long wait! 😊

With time, this Blog has been evolving and growing, and I am sincerely grateful to my family, friends and near and dears, who have unconditionally stood by me in upholding my blog in their circles, helped me with correcting typo, giving me honest opinions which I've tried my best to comply to and above all, for believing in me, encouraging me and being part of this blogging journey..

I hope I am helping or inspiring someone out there.. 😊 Good Luck and Stay Blessed 😊

If you have any questions or would like to say hi, you can find me on Facebook or  feel free to Contact Me.