Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spicy-Egg Pancakes

Healthy, quick and simple, Spicy, Egg and Whole-wheat Pancakes
My Recipe

It's good to be back home.. :) I said this in my last post as well, didn't I? Well, just when I thought we wouldn't be travelling any time soon and was settling down into a routine, here we go again! ;) I envy those bloggers out there, who have a new post on their blogs every other day or week, while I am here gathering myself back to track, literally lost at times not knowing where to restart from, forget what I have in stock in my kitchen, and even worse, have trouble getting back to the normal sleep pattern for days together.. Well, I am not giving up this time.. I am determined to do a post without a heave.. :D Thanks to all those encouraging personal messages from my blog followers, who really look forward to my posts.. :)

This was a recipe I shared on a fellow blogger's blog some time back. Well, with her permission I am posting it here once again for those who haven't come across this recipe until now..  

My husband loves pancakes, given in absolutely any form.. He even loves the South Indian Oothappam! Therefore, I tried to combine both the tastes into this inventive fusion recipe, which thankfully turns out to be yet another favourite of his.. :D An extremely simple, healthy and fancy pancake, that does not really require any side dishes. If you were looking for something new for a lazy weekend breakfast or brunch, then you must give this one a try! :) Well, cut off the 'Spicy' from this recipe and your kids will love it! Try this for their school lunch or as an after-school snack too! :)

Ingredients :


1 large


1 medium sized

Green chilli

1 or more (depending on your preference)

Fresh ginger

1/2 inch piece (skinned)

Cilantro / Coriander leaves

2-3 stems

Curry leaves

Couple of leaves (if you like)


To taste

Cumin seeds

1/2 teaspoon (Roasted)

Turmeric powder

1/4 teaspoon

Fresh eggs


Whole wheat flour (Aata)

1 cup


3/4 cup


1 tablespoon for batter and as needed to grease pan.

Preparation Method :

Into a chopper, add the Onion, Tomatoes, Green chilli, Fresh ginger, Cilantro, Curry leaves, Cumin seeds.

Add the Turmeric powder, eggs and salt.

Add the flour and water.

Pour in the oil and give a couple of blitz. We need a batter that's smooth as well as, has chewable bits of the veggies in it.

Heat a pan, grease it on low heat and pour two ladles of the batter and spread.

Oil the top and sides and turn the pancake over and oil the other side as well if required.

Cook until both sides begin to brown and the ends crisp slightly.

Fold into two or three and its ready to serve.

This is a snack by itself. You could also serve it with curry. :)

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