Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bathroom Deep Clean

Before you follow the Clean Bathroom Effortlessly in less than 10 Minutes regimen, 
make sure you do a thorough Deep-Cleansing first.

1.     De-clutter : Make sure you throw away any unnecessary things. YES! Minimal basics is the key to having a clean, hygienic and clutter free bathroom. All you need are a few basic essentials, toiletries and regularly used grooming products.  Remember “Less is More!!”

2.      Deep cleansing : Do one last deep cleansing thoroughly with disinfectant bathroom cleaner, laundry detergent and bleach if required. Scrub each and every nook and corner of the bathroom well with a brush and rinse off with water for a sparklingly clean toilet and say goodbye to laborious cleaning for good! :)

3.      Touch ups : After the bathroom dries completely, examine if any touch ups are required, like cement or silicon fillings or fixing cracks which may give way to germ-growth.

4.      Clean Cleaning materials : If your cleaning materials are in poor shape and are dirty in the first place, PLEASE throw them away and get new ones! Make sure you rinse the towels in plain water after every use, wring it and hang to air-dry. Wash them thoroughly with detergent, twice a week. Fresh, clean towels are inevitable. If it smells awful, it's either time to give it a deep-washing in hot soapy water or discard them for new. If you are lazy to wash them every day, keep a set of 5-7 towels, throw them into a bin after every use and wash them together so that you have another set of clean towels for the next week.

5.      Clean the Drains : Particularly three places. The drains in the sink / washbasin, the bathtub, and the common drain. Once you see the water draining out a bit slow, or it starts getting a bit stinky, it's an indication that the drains are clogging up. Give those drains a good preventative cleaning to keep them clear of oil or grease, and hair clogs. Make sure you pour in some Drain opener or you could go by the environment friendly method - Pour in 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar into each. The mixture will foam up. Allow that to sit for 8-10 minutes and then pour boiling water down the drain. If you are using powdered or liquid drain openers, be very cautious and follow instructions given on the bottle.

6.      Frequency of Cleaning :  Your frequency of cleaning depends on the use. If you have small children, make sure you clean daily. They touch almost every place of the bathroom in the struggle to reach out. If you have quite a few members using the bathroom, make it a point that you give a quick wipe with a towel once or twice a day and share the task with other members. A clean bathroom should be everyone's need!

Now you are all set and ready to follow the 'Clean Bathroom - Effortlessly' regimen. Click on the image below to follow how.. :)

 Clean Bathroom Effortlessly in less that 10 minutes

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