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(Refreshing Fruit Punch) 

My version

It's the beginning of warm and humid in this part of the world I live in, which means time for more liquids into one's diet. Hydration is the key! This time around, I suppose it's almost a similar story in most parts of the world. Well, eating fruits whole is considered more healthy and ideal. But, sometimes it's 'something better than nothing'.. :) My mom is a very health conscious person who believes in incorporating "healthy" into anything and everything she serves us and wouldn't fail to remind us of the benefits of incorporating each colour of fruits and vegetables into our diet. I sure have lots to learn from her, considering my easy going attitude sometimes.. ;)  

If you aren't much of a fruit and vegetable eater or if you have kids who are very fussy about eating fruits in general or certain fruits, (like how I hate eating fresh guava and pomegranates 'coz the seeds get stuck to my teeth) then, the best alternative is to consume fruits as juice.. I know so many moms out there, who have to try all possible tactics to get that little fruit factor into their kids! Some blend in as many different fruits possible into one drink, ending up ruining the whole juice.. and the colour definitely wouldn't be appealing enough.. What if both those are taken care of?? :) well, try this one then. Trust me, not only is it appealing to the eyes, but, each sip tastes unique.. YES! I mean it! :)

SUNRISE?? Well, my husband named it so.. :)  A perfect name for a colourful treat and yes, an appropriate title best suited for a new come back in a long while.. :)

I am in for the season's freshest and most flavorful produces, because I personally do not like refined sugar poisoned into my juices and smoothies. Seasonal fruits are naturally flavorful and sweet. But, sometimes freezing and saving certain fruits come handy throughout the year. It's not always possible to have fresh fruits at home, I know. Well sometimes the bottled juices help too. I'd recommend the 'no sugar added' ones. It sure comes handy when you want to fix up something brilliant in a jiffy for guests who walk in totally unexpected or want to serve something exotic and fancy for a party. If you are extracting your own fresh fruit juice at home, make sure you soak your fruits in water with vinegar and salt before thoroughly washing them. And yes! I like my fruits cold during summers.. :)

You don't have to stick strictly to my recipe. Try being creative and adventurous.. :)

Ingredients :

Apple juice

Mango Puree

Strawberry juice

Guava juice

Mixed berry juice

Preparation Method :

What makes this juice unique from any other is the way it is layered. Each fruit pulp floats one above the other in its own distinctiveness. Therefore every sip you take is unique and magical. Shifting from one flavour to another in itself brings in a burst of new flavours in the mouth.. :) Trust me, it's more like a piece of art and a game of combining varying tastes, densities, textures, and of course colours.. Work your magic, and delight your family and friends in amazement.. :)

Base the glass with a light juice first. I choose apple juice. The bottled one in this case.

Next, gently pour down the mango puree in a way that it slides down the wall of the glass into the apple juice without mixing with it. It should be easy.. But, sometimes, you may require a little practice to perfect.. I like some chunks of mangoes going in with it for a slight chew..

Next, pick some fresh and sweet strawberries and blend them really well.. Make sure the strawberries aren't sour.. If you are using the bottled ones, make sure it's thick and not of a watery consistency.

Follow the same step of gently pouring it down the wall of the glass into the apple and mango.

Next I choose Guava. blend well and sieve away the seeds. It has a perfect thick consistency. So now we have a Brown, Yellow, Red and off-White colour incorporated..

Kiwi would be nice as well for a tint of green. But, it wouldn't have been 'Sunrise' then ;) 
Finally some bloody red mixed berries..

You could also try incorporating Pineapple, Kiwi, Orange etc.. But, for a guaranteed success, I recommend following my choice of fruits. :)

Hoping this recipe would gain you a lot of compliments.. Don't forget to share your experiences here.. :)

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