Monday, March 31, 2014

I AM BACK.. :)

Back to blogging after quite a while now. I'd rather say nothing than give excuses or justifications for being away. ;) But, yes, I am starting once again with lots of hopes, wishes and dreams, new ideas and some material in hand to get me going for as long as I should.. :) As long as I could.. :)

So, when I said, I am getting back to blogging once again to my husband, he said, "Well, Rise and Shine!" That sounded so perfect for both the upcoming recipe as well as for the long intended comeback.. :) I feel all fresh and new.. Fresh, because this is my first post after moving into my new apartment.. my new kitchen.. :) Here, everything is different from what it used to be through my lens earlier.. The lighting is different, the counter is different, the work space, atmosphere and even I feel like a completely new person myself.. :D More positive I mean.. :) So much has changed around me in the last two years.. Maybe all that will reflect in the posts to come.. Hoping for the best! :)  

I don't know how many of you out there, eagerly read through those first few lines of mine without skipping straight into the recipe itself.. For those who take interest in reading what I have to say too, well, I am in good mood to express how I feel right now.. Today, I feel overwhelmed with joy.. Thanks to the Almighty for all the good things and the bad things that's helped me be a better person.. Thanks to all those who gave me the motivation to restart again.. Thanks to all those well wishers and fans of my space who believed I could contribute more.. Thanks to all those who gave me that much needed push out of my shell into making me want to make a comeback again.. :) Thanks for the warm acceptance you have given me.

Last but not the least, A BIG Thanks to all those who voted for "Laiji's Creative Corner" in the Crescentrating's 2014 Ranking of Top 10 Halal Food Websites and helped my blog fetch the 3rd place! 

Well, with that I realized that my space is indeed worth my efforts and it is reaching out to many out there. Thank you once again.. :)

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