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The Princess of Hill Stations

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station of the Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. An ideal getaway for Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts who desire a relaxing and peaceful getaway from the scorching heat and hectic everyday race.. 

We started our journey from Ernakulam in a mini traveller and it took us almost 11 hours to reach. (11 hours inclusive of stopovers to dine and have tea, roadblocks and the halts at check posts) The onward journey would be a little time consuming because of the uphill roads.

Going along with an experienced driver would be better we believe. Driving all the way up along the hairpin curves could be tiring. Make sure the vehicle is comfortable and in good condition. Roads are really bumpy in some places.

We went as a family of seven. That's an enjoyable experience to travel in good company unlike most of our journeys when it's just the two of us.. 

Booked ourselves into a nice and simple place called KodaiResort.

ü  Good service
ü  Reasonably clean rooms
ü  Reasonably Clean bathroom
ü  Fresh linen
ü  Balcony with great view
ü  Friendly staff

That satisfied our basic check-list. 

Kodai Resort

 Ought to mention few other added privileges available there. 

ü  A multi-cuisine restaurant that serves excellent food.
ü  Health club, ayurvedic massage centre and beauty parlour.
ü  indoor/outdoor games.

ü  Beautiful and well-kept garden and walkway.
ü  Camp-fire (provided it's not raining) etc.

Floral treat at Kodai Resort

We'd surely recommend this place for a peaceful and relaxing stay! :)


Kodaikanal has a very pleasant and bracing weather, with temperatures that vary from moderate to very cold, with not much of a variation between summers and winters. The climate of Kodaikanal is very pleasant and cool all round the year. Most houses and resorts do not even have fans. 

Early morning breathtaking view of the Perumal Peak from the balcony of the resort. Peaceful and calm with fresh and cool breeze..

The air is so clean and fresh that you could leave your windows open. The average temperature during summers would be around  11 to 20°C and winters, 8 to 17°C. Kodaikanal experiences rain between the months of June and September. 

Kodai Lake. Manmade lake developed by the British..

The best seasons to visit Kodaikanal are the times between April and June and from September to October, when the climate is at its best and surroundings foggy and colourful. Nights are usually crisp and cold. If you are intolerant to cold, consider carrying warm clothing along.

Travelling during seasons, however has a disadvantage. Each viewpoint would be packed with people and also it might seem difficult to capture beautiful shots without people in the background.. ;)

White water lilies in the Kodai Lake


Enjoy Horse riding or Cycling through the 5km path around the Kodai Lake. Ideal for a long walk too, that helps soak up great energy. :)

- That's my nephew on the horse :)

Indian pond Heron

 Rowing boats

Violet water lilies in the Kodai Lake

Little Grebe, freshwater diving birds.

Street snacks

 Fresh carrots grown on the hills..

 Bonnet Macaque. 
Do not try to get too friendly with these little guys. ;) Heard they are excellent at snatching things from you and never returning them back. Make sure your vehicle windows are shut, or they could even get in and snatch away your belongings.. :D

 My favourite click of the whole trip.. An eagle right on time! :)

Pine-tree forests. Peaceful and cool retreat! Unfortunately there was no fog :(

By the way, that's my adorable niece. :)

The enthral fog covered Pillar Rocks. While we reached the viewpoint, the fog gradually lifted  for a couple of minutes slowly revealing the giant rocks, then covered them again.

I am out of words to describe or give an insight on the most breathtaking view we witnessed there.. You ought to see it yourself to appreciate the magic the sight holds.. 

This incredible and enchanting view in itself is worth the hassles of the long trip. Bliss! 

  Bubbles from somewhere!! :)

  The kind lady who called me over to click her portrait! :D That was indeed an unexpected favor :)
At her little shop where she makes and sells hot chili pakodas :) 

Anyway, thanks to her.. :) Those rare moments when total strangers too get friendly.. I guess that speaks about how hospitable the people of Kodai are! 
Out of excitement and happiness, I know I didn't get the best shot. ;)

I have a very sensitive stomach and therefore am very hesitant to have street food. But, my husband and others did buy and have the pakodas and they said it was delicious. Maybe you should give it a try! :)

 The Golf Course run by the Kodaikanal Golf Club.

 Miles to go before dusk. Kodai woman walking miles carrying bundles of wood home from the hills..

Union Church, near Coaker's Walk

 The Red-whiskered Bulbul :)

  Thick fog gulped mountains seen from the Coaker's Walk. 

Another beautiful view of ridges over clouds from the Coaker's Walk. 
It is so peaceful and calm, with fresh air and slender drizzle. If you are an avid nature lover, trust us, you would love standing here all day! I envy the people who live around here.. :)

 Ridge over clouds  

The Red-whiskered Bulbul perched on a bark :)
 The English style stone cottage with white painted windows which reminds of 
the 'Cottages in Fairy-tale Storybooks'

Creepy looking trees branches :)

 Fruits and vegetable shops that sell produces from the hills.

 Peaches that grow on the hillside.. 

Silver Cascade Waterfall 

Silver Cascade Waterfall with not much of water around this time of the year..

View of Palani while coming downhill.. 

Beautiful view while coming downhill 

Acres of huge windmills at Pollachi on the way back..

There are more beautiful places to cover at Kodaikanal like 
  • The Bryant Park 
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple
  • Solar Physical Observatory
  • Telescope House
  • Shenbaganur Museum 
  • Dolmen Circle 
  • Thalaiyar Falls
  • Chettiyar Park
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Dolphins Nose
  • La Salette Church
  • Pambar Falls etc. 

But, this is the best major sites we could cover on a two night stay. Yet more to explore if destined. :) If you haven't been to Kodaikanal, maybe it is one site you ought to visit! :)

If you appreciate this story or would like to share your own travel experiences that you think may be helpful to readers, please leave a comment.  

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