Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Croissant Toast

Easy to make baked snack for kids
My version

Kids no doubt love snacks, much more than regular meals in fact. Well, I hesitate to claim a recipe to be 'the best', especially when made for little ones, since most of them are picky eaters.. Well, when I hear the word SNACKS, it's my niece I remember. She's one of those, who is subjective to tastes. She relishes good food, loves watching cookery shows, keenly observes when someone is cooking, examines ingredients, and tries her hand on simple age appropriate preparations already. She makes her own sandwiches, salads and lemonade. :) Well, I too began trying my hands on basic cooking, at around her age.. :) That makes me a proud aunt! I have someone from my blood following my footsteps.. :D

My nephew posing behind her, is another one of those particularly subjective to tastes and a ruthless critique who is very honest in giving an opinion if asked. I sometimes make cakes and puddings for them, and on a birthday, he gifted me a set of cupcake cups which he chose all on his own, saying he knew I'd love it for sure.. :) Now, those are moments that bring tears of contentment.. Kids at such a young age, being thoughtful enough in giving someone a gift!! That's definitely not typical of a boy!! Thaaat love, that kids wrap you with...... Sigh!! Those are feelings difficult to explain in mere words.. :)

Let's get started.. Trust me, it's an amazingly easy snack, if you have croissants of course.. ;)

Ingredients :

Plain butter croissants

4 large sized

Fresh Eggs

3 nos.


2 - 3 tablespoons

Vanilla essence

1/2 - 1 teaspoon

Fresh Milk

2 tablespoons


To grease the baking dish

Preparation Method :

Cut the croissants into half. Do not forget to pre-heat your oven at this stage to 180 degree centigrade.

In a flat bowl, break in the eggs, add the vanilla and sugar. The quantity of sugar depends on the sweetness you prefer.

Pour in the fresh milk and give a quick whisk.

Butter the pan. Make sure the flame is on low. Now give each side of the croissant a quick dip in the beaten egg mixture and place them on the pan one by one.

Once you have finished placing all the pieces, increase the flame to medium. When egg on the sides look almost done, turn it over. You needn't cook it completely.

Arrange the pieces onto a flat oven dish.

Pour in the remaining egg mixture over the croissants. Then, sprinkle on some sugar. Do all this quickly without letting the croissants cool.

Place it into the oven. As always, I'd recommend baking in the oven and not in the microwave. If you are baking it in the oven, bake for 5-6 minutes. So, a microwave shouldn't take more than 3-4 minutes I suppose. Make sure you don't burn the top. Mine went a little too brown :/ Oops! :) But, see.. it happens :) hi hi.. Use your instincts for the timing.. All we want is the eggs to cook well. Once done, the surface should be mildly crisp, and the inside soft and fluffy.

I hope your kids will enjoy this.. Let me know how it came out for you, and whether your kids liked it. Don't forget to send in a picture.. :)


  1. So simple and quick recipe!! You know I also cook such simple snacks for my kids. You know they never get bored from the snacks. I follow recipes and cooking tips online to try different recipes.

    1. Thank You Cris :) Hope you will find more easy recipes your kids will love on this blog :)


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