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Moist Black Forest

 My version

Unlike the Black Forest Cakes you find in your nearest bakeries or supermarkets today (which is a Creamy Chocolate Cake) this is more of a moist dessert. Originally Black Forest is a German dessert, made by layering Chocolate cake, Whipped cream and Cherries. The cake is traditionally made using a cherry based liquor called Kirshwasser. If not, by at least moistening the cake with the alcohol and is considered an essential ingredient in Germany and most parts of Europe. In many parts of the world, the cake is also made with other liquor like rum. Well, if you do not consume alcohol, then Black Forest or Schwarz alder Kirsch torte wouldn't be something you would want to have or want your kids to try if you are travelling to anywhere in Europe, unless otherwise they mention it is alcohol free. So beware!

Of course, that's exactly why I wanted to try out my version, without the alcohol and also without raw egg whipping and yet have the flavour quite close to the real Schwarz alder Kirsch torte. If the cake is ready in advance, this is a very simple dessert to come up with. The idea of whipping raw eggs for any kind of frosting, somehow doesn't appeal to me. Therefore, the cream in this recipe is something I have experimented with  different ingredients on a trial and error basis, before coming up with this soft, yet firm and creamy whipping, which retains its shape even when piped out.

To make the chocolate cake, refer to Basic Chocolate Cake. You can as well follow your own recipe, upto you :) But, try following the recipe exactly for desired results.

Ingredients :

For the Whipping Cream :

Whipping cream / Whipping mix

3 cup / 3 sachets

Icing Sugar

3 levelled cups

Vanilla essence

2 teaspoons

Corn Syrup

2 tablespoons

Additional Ingredients:

Red Maraschino Cherries

18-20 nos. as required

Cherry Jam

As required

Mixed Berry juice

1/2 cup

Chocolate shavings

1/2 teaspoon

Coco powder

Just enough to dust

Preparation Method :

For the Whipping Cream :
Whipping the cream to the right texture is the only challenge in making this dessert. So be very careful. If you are using whipping cream, then pour the cream into a mixing bowl, and start whipping slowly initially, with a hand whisk or with an electric one.

If you are using Whipping Mix, then blend in the milk, vanilla and powder as mentioned on the packet and whip slowly until the cream begins to thicken and the whisk leaves a trail. Then increase the speed. Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula while you do so.

Then slowly add the icing sugar just before the cream turns soft. Add the vanilla. If the whipping cream or corn syrup already has added vanilla in it, you do not have to add vanilla essence. Then pour in the Corn Syrup and whip until you come up with thick, firm and soft peaks. 

The cream is ready, when it remains firmly onto the base of the bowl when you turn it upside down. Be cautious not to over whip the cream. It will curdle and split.

Divide the cream into two portions. One for layering and covering the cake and the other for the piping.  

To pipe the cream :
Use the preferred design nozzle. Turn over the top edge of the piping bag. Scoop the cream into the bottom of the bag. Make sure you only fill half way through. This will give you a better control while piping. Bring the side back up and twist the edge to push down the cream to the bottom of the pipe. Practice into the mixing bowl first and reuse the same again. Leave the piped cream in the refrigerator until you get the rest of the cake ready. It will firm the cream a bit.

Make sure your cake has cooled completely. It's always good to make the cake a day in advance. Then with a serrated knife, slice it into three equal tiers or more.

Lay the first layer and brush a generous amount of mixed berry juice across the surface. As you do so, the cake will absorb the juice completely. Then, with a spatula, spread out some cream.

Onto one side of the next layer, evenly spread out a generous amount of  cherry jam. Then, place the jam side down onto the creamed layer.

Then repeat the process once again.

When you have finally laid the third layer of cake, cover the cake evenly with rest of the cream.

Then, remove the piped cream from the refrigerator and start piping as seen in picture below.

Make sure your work area is cool enough. If it is warm, your cream might melt down.
Then scrape out some chocolate shavings from a bar of chocolate. Make sure the chocolate is at room temperature. Hold your knife, blade side vertically down and support the bottom end of the chocolate onto yourself and scrape using some pressure towards you.

I did mine a day in advance and left the shaving in the refrigerator. Don't make that mistake! The shavings will crumble and begin to powder. Anyway, I had no other choice this time :)

I personally do not like the awful taste of some Red Maraschino Cherries, so I rinse them after removing from the bottle in clean water and soak them in the mixed berry juice for an hour or more. Strain the cherries from the juice and lay onto the cream as seen below.

You can use the chocolate shavings on the side of the cake as well. I've used chocolate flavoured stands or vermicelli.

Finally dust across a tiny bit of coco powder, just for a tint of bitterness in contrast to all the sweetness.

Then carefully refrigerate your Moist Black Forest and use when ready to serve. 
A quick and different Moist Black Forest you ought to try! Trust me, both adults and kids will love it. The pleasure and satisfaction you get out of making your own cake from scratch is really motivating. 

I'd really appreciate your feedback. So do write to me.


  1. this looks delicious i am going to try this, thanks!

  2. hi Laiji aunty. I am Malu.I love your recipies very much.mouth watering!!!!!!!!

    1. Aww.. Thank you Malu :) Ur Amma told me how much you love some things on this blog :) Try the garlic bread recipe.. try doing everything except the baking and tell amma to do the baking part for you.. :) Don't forget to send me a photo.. By the way, saw ur violin video! Good!! :D Keep practicing regularly.. u can excel in it.. you are really talented dear.. :)

  3. Laiji itha.........assalamu alaikum...its me samri..
    I am going to try this ...thank you....


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