Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thank You..

Today is a very special day :) I hesitated to publish my blog all this while.. Somehow, I thought it wasn't good enough :) Hesitantly today I posted it on my Facebook Photography page and messaged the link to few near and dear ones. I am absolutely touched with the overwhelming response from my family, friends, relatives and even strangers.. :) Telephone calls from far across, touching messages and mails.. Thank you all..  I feel greatly honored by the confidence you all hold in me and am wholeheartedly grateful for all the encouragement and support. :) Please keep supporting and be a part of my little space :)


  1. Hey Laiji this is awesome.... i really loved every bit of your work. All the best to you and may you achieve more!!!

    1. Thank you Sukaina and I'm glad you liked my work. Do sign in and stay tuned for more :)


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